Heart's Cry Children's Ministry,

Heart's Cry Children's Ministry (Panama)

Heart's Cry is engaged in a three fold mission in the Republic of Panama. Heart's Cry Orphan Cares, Heart's Cry Family Services, and Casa Providencia. The orphans care ministry assists with the various needs of orphanages in Panama. Included in this work is hosting international mission teams, baby holding programs, and financial aid. The Family Services division provides adoption and foster care services for free to families in Panama. Lastly, Casa Providencia is Panama's first and only orphanage specifically designed to care for children with special needs. Casa Providencia is scheduled to open in 2018.  Their stated purpose is to provide the best of the best to the least of the least. Services provided will include physical, mental, speech, and occupational therapy.

Iron Lot's Connection to Heart's Cry

The owners of Iron Lot, Mike and Jenny Campbell are related to the founders of Heart's Cry, Matt and Misty Hedspeth.  Jenny and Misty are cousins and have shared a life-long bond that began while growing up together in Burlington, NC.

In the fall of 2015 the Lord showed Mike how he could contribute to the work of Casa Providencia through the giving of a portion of the proceeds from every sale to Heart's Cry. Since that date in 2015, every purchase results in a donation being made to this important work.

We would like to express a heart felt thank you from Iron Lot for doing business with us, and allowing us to support this important work.

The Current Need of Heart's Cry

The first phase of the renovation and construction is now complete, and Casa Providenica is ready to receive the first group of special needs orphans in 2018.  This new phase will require ongoing monthly contributions that exceed their current support level.  Transition between each of the three phases will enable the cost per day of caring for a child to be greatly reduced. Additionally, the level of care and services offered will improve with each phase.

Phase 1 (Plant) 15 Kids at $122 per child per day - Hydrotherapy Center, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Clinic, Indoor / Outdoor Playground

Phase 2 (Cultivate) 30 Kids at $77 per child per day - Learning Center, Therapy Pool, Rooftop Terrace

Phase 3 (Bear Fruit) 55 Kids at $52 per child per day - Mentoring Program, Vocational Training

More information on the work of Heart's Cry can be found on their website: https://www.heartscrychildren.com/

Summer 2018 Trip to Heart's Cry Children's Ministry

Building a puppet stage for the kids.

Mike and friend Dave from Church cutting Finn Form board to build a castle puppet stage for the kids.


Thank you from the kids a staff


George and Hannah Campbell painting the front fence at Casa Provedencia.

George and Hannah Campbell painting the front fence at Casa Provedencia.