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Hurco Technologies is committed to providing the safest equipment available with the highest quality design, production, and support. They manufacture a wide range of products for the water and sewer industry. Hurco has first hand experience working in the field. In addition, they have experienced the frustrations of not having the proper equipment for the job.

This experience has allowed Hurco to create a wide variety of products including the ripcord ventilator, ripcord smoker, power smoker, hydrostatic test pump, and more. They have been in business since 1981, building products that help sewer and water contractors do their jobs better and more efficiently. Hurco is a constant innovator always looking to create new technology that will help improve the efficiency of the work that goes into the maintenance and repair of sewers and water lines.

Ripcord Ventilator

hurco ripcord ventilator

Power Smoker

hurco power smoker

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