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Pipe Plugs

Pipe plugs are generally used by contractors while working on sewer lines. There are many different types of pipe plugs for various uses and needs. When a sewer line needs to be repaired or removed, temporary plugs must be set in place. In some cases, a bypass system is needed that allows for sewage to pass through during construction. In order to select the proper pump and equipment, contractors need to know many factors such as peak flow, sewer line pipe size, sewer line pipe depths, duration of the work, access issues, among other considerations.

Lansas Pipe Plugs

Lansas manufactures a full line of pipe plugs and testing equipment such as Multi-Size Flow-Thru Plugs, Multi-Size Back & Front Domehead Plugs, Night Cap Plugs, Single-Size High Pressure Plugs, and much more. Vanderlans and Sons, Inc. has manufactured Lansas products since 1955. They consistently remain a leader in products, performance, service, and custom applications for pipeline maintenance equipment.

Lansas products address all of these needs. There is a product for almost every need. The Lansas products are known for their durability, ease of installation and reliability. They insure that each piece of equipment is built with the finest materials by a knowledgeable staff. All Lansas products are manufactured in their own facilities. They undergo rigid quality control, and are well tested prior to shipping. Because of this, Lansas is able to provide products that are hassle-free, leak proof closures for construction, repairs, cleaning and all your specialized needs.

Multi-Size Domehead Pipe Plugs

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Multi-Size Flow-Thru Plugs

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Available Pipe Plug Products