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Trench Box

A trench box or trench shield, is a key component to job site safety in the construction industry. They are used to prevent injury to workers in the event of a trench collapse. All trench boxes must be designed by a certified professional engineer to meet or exceed OSHA regulations. Trench Boxes are manufactured with either steel or aluminum.

Steel Trench Boxes

The Titan model steel trench boxes are available in multiple sizes for a variety of application. From laying 8′ pipe to 30 plus feet excavations we have you covered.

Aluminum Trench Boxes

Ideal for spot repairs and taps, the ShoreLite series are lightweight and easily transported.  The ShoreLite series is perfect for municipalities, plumbers, and excavation contractors.

Kundel ShoreLite Lite

Trench Box: Kundel ShoreLite Lite Aluminum Trench Box. Sold by Iron Lot. Single wall stackable aluminum trench box.

ShoreLite Lite is available in 3' tall stackable panels in lengths of 5', 6', and 7'.


Trench Box: Kundel V-Panel Aluminum Trench Box. Sold by Iron Lot. Adjustable panels for working around crossing utilities.

V-Panel is available in sizes ranging from 6' x 6' to 12' x 12'.


Trench Box: Kundel Shorlite Modular Aluminum Trench Box. Sold by Iron Lot. Double wall 2' tall stackable aluminum panels.

ShoreLite is available in 2' tall stackable panels in lengths from 4' to 12'.