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A trench box or trench shield, is a key component to job site safety in the construction industry. They are used to prevent injury to workers in the event of a trench collapse. All trench boxes must be designed by a certified professional engineer to meet OSHA regulations. They are typically rated for use in various soil classifications, A, B, and C type soils. These ratings will be found on the Trench Box Certification Sheet. 

Steel Trench Boxes

Trench Box: Steel Titan model trench box, sold by IronLot. Manufacture Kundel Industries. Color construction orange.

Titan Series

The Titan model steel trench box is available in multiple sizes for a variety of application. From laying 8′ pipe to 30 plus feet excavations we have you covered.

Aluminum Trench Boxes

Trench Box: Kundel ShoreLite Lite Aluminum Trench Box. Sold by Iron Lot. Single wall stackable aluminum trench box.

ShoreLite Series

The Kundel aluminum trench box is ideal for spot repairs and taps. The ShoreLite series are lightweight and easily transported.  They are also perfect for municipalities, plumbers, and excavation contractors.

OSHA Requirements for Using a Trench Box

OSHA sets the requirement for using a protective system to include trench boxes or trench shoring in an excavation at 5 feet deep or greater. This is unless the area of excavation is entirely made of stable rock. Frankly, the stable rock exception is rare in most areas of the country. These requirements have become known as the 5 foot rule, which can be misleading.

The confusion is due to the often overlooked requirement for excavations under five feet deep. Concerning excavations under five feet OSHA clearly states, a competent person may determine that a protective system is not required.

While following this guideline is keeping within the letter of the law, it may not be the best practice. Serious injury can occur in an excavation much less than five feet. One cubic yard of dirt can way 2,000 lbs. Under the right circumstance even a 3’ trench can quickly become deadly.

Iron Lot has trench boxes starting at 3×5 and 4×4. These can be used as either two, three or four sided systems. For smaller excavations, adjustable spreaders from 24-42 inches, or 30-54 inches are often a good choice.

As an alternative to using a trench box, we offer hydraulic aluminum shoring. The Trench-Shore provides flexibility in configuration. For example, when used with Finn-Form Boards, the 4×8 board can be used as is, or cut into a custom size like a 4×4 for smaller excavations.

Not using a trench box can be costly

Not following the requirements for using a trench box or trench shoring can be costly. Every year a number of workers needlessly either lose their lives or are seriously injured in a trench collapse. As stated previously, one cubic yard of dirt can weigh 2,000 lbs. Even a partial collapse in a shallow trench can cause debilitating injuries. The resulting legal liability to the construction company can quickly add up.

OSHA fines for not using proper shoring or trench boxes are often exceed the cost of purchasing a trench box. Fines for a willful violation can surpass $100,000. When injury or death occur due to a lack of using a trench box or trench shoring, the resulting expenses can easily force a contractor out of business. It is far more prudent to plan ahead and insure you and your crew is properly protected.

Each story of a worker being killed in a trench collapse is heartbreaking. Perhaps some of the saddest are from family owned and operated companies. They seem to think since they have no employees they do not need to follow OSHA standards. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone going down in a trench deserves to be protected.

Whether you buy a trench box from us, or purchase or rent from another firm, please make sure you have done everything you can so everyone is able to go home safe at the end of the day.