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The steel trench box will help keep you and your workers safe, while increasing productivity and profitability. Our steel trench box is designed for the contractor by a contractor. Over 20 years ago Robert Kundel Sr. began manufacturing trench boxes for his own use and offering them for sale to other construction companies. With years of experience in the field, Kundel has designed a trench box with the contractors needs in mind. Kundel trench boxes are simply the better built box.

Just two of the unique features of the Kundel trench box include internal shelving, and rounded spreader sockets. The shelving allow workers to store tools and pipe dope while working in the trench. The rounded spreader sockets allow for racking (corners of the box move independently) as you are pounding the box into the trench or are removing the box from a tight trench. These two features alone have the capacity to greatly impact productivity. Our goal is to help make your job site safer and more profitable. Let us help you find the right trench box for your trench shoring needs. With several hundred options, we have you covered for any job. We will match you with the right trench box for your excavator and project.

Steel Trench Box Products

Kundel Titan Series Trench Box

Steel Trench Box Titan Utility

Kundel Titan Utility Trench Box (Lightweight Multi-Purpose Trench Shield)

These trench boxes are built tough with the best design features you will find in the industry. The Kundel Titan Utility Trench Box is used is a variety of applications including manholes, spot repairs, and mainline work. They range is size from 4 feet tall to 10 feet tall and come in lengths from 6 feet to 14 feet long.

Steel Trench Box Titan Lite

Titan Lite Trench Boxes (Lighter-Weight Than Standard Trench Shields)

The Titan Lite Trench Box series of trench boxes are built to be both durable and lightweight. They are ideal for mainline work while using a smaller or lighter excavator. The Titian Lite range in height from 4 feet tall to 10 feet tall. Lengths range from 16 feet to 30 feet long.

Steel Trench Box Titan Plus

Titan Plus Trench Box (Standard)

Strong and durable, the Titan Plus Trench Box is ideal for laying pipe. The Side wall thickness for this series starts at just 3 1/2 inches and includes 5 inch, 6 3/4 inch, 8 1/2 inch and 9 1/2 inch thick side walls. These trench boxes come in 4', 5', 6', 8', and 10' tall heights. The length ranges from 16' to 30'.
Steel Trench Box Titan Brute

Titan Brute Trench Box (Heavy Duty)

The name says it all. These trench boxes are stout. The Titan Brute Trench Box is constructed of steel and solid-welded. The design of the Titan Brute trench box was made for heavy-duty trench safety work. These trench boxes have thick, reinforced steel for amazing toughness in the trench. They were engineered for durability and deep depths. The Titan Brute Trench Box is crafted with high taper reinforced knife edges, which increase the pipe area by allowing a tighter trench.

Kundel Basic 3 Trench Box

Steel Trench Box Basic 3

Kundel Basic 3 Trench Boxes (Lightweight)

The Kundel Basic 3 Trench Box is designed to be lightweight and light on the budget.  It is designed primarily for spot repair, taps and minor mainline work. The Basic 3 Trench Box is ideal for small excavators as well as rubber tired backhoes. It is a quality built product created to provide reliability in the field.