Kundel Titan Trench Box / Titan Trench Shoring Equipment

Kundel Titan Trench Boxes

The Titan Utility is a light weight steel trench box that is built with durability in mind. They are ideal for mainline work while using a smaller or lighter excavator. The Titan Utility trench box is versatile and capable of handling a variety of applications, including manholes, spot repairs and mainline work. It is an all-steel designed trench box that is solid-welded and built for use in light trench safety work.

The Titian Utility trench box ranges in height from 4 feet tall to 10 feet tall. Lengths range from 8 feet to 16 feet long.

Titan Utility Trench Box Features & Benefits

  • Formed Steel Design
  • Continuous Steel Members
  • Internal Stacking System
  • Easy Slide Outside Edge
  • One C Soil Depth Rating
  • Reinforced Through-Wall Sockets
  • 18” Reinforced Knife Edge Taper
  • 5” Solid Steel Sockets
  • 3/4” Thick Pounding Pads
  • 2” Solid Stacking Lug Bar
  • 1/2” x 3” Cutting Bar
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Kundel Titan Series Trench Box Brochure

Kundel Titan Utility Trench Boxes

The Kundel Titan Utility Trench Box Series

The Titan Utility Trench box is versatile and very capable of handling a variety of applications.  Some of these applications include manholes, spot repairs and mainline work.  The Titan Utility series includes the Titan 3 Plus Utility, the Titan 5 Lite Utility, and the Titan 6 Utility.