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Kundel Vpanel Aluminum Trench Box

The Kundel V-Panel aluminum trench box is very light and therefore, easy to lift.  Because it is light, the V-Panel is easily moved around the job site. Each panel moves independently of the other. This feature allows the panels to be adjusted, therefore allowing them to fit around existing utilities or T-off from your main line. Each aluminum panel has a steel tamping pad and steel knife edge. Kundel V-Panel Aluminum Shoring Systems are available in 6′ to 16′ lengths and a height up to 12′. The aluminum shoring system can be configured as a two, three or four sided box. Each individual panel also, is able to be raised or lowered from inside the trench. Additionally, the knife edge and tamping pad are attachable and detachable. Aluminum Walers with steel telescoping end beams allow for variable widths. This is the must have box for municipalities and utilities contractors. Please see the V-Panel brochure below, or click on the link to download a PDF copy of the brochure.

We have the solution to crossing utilities: Kundel V-Panel Aluminum Shoring, Trench Box / VPanel / Trench Box / VPanel Shoring

We have the solution to crossing utilities! Kundel Vpanel sold by Iron Lot

The VPanel trench box is capable of being totally adjusted to fit the unknowns of underground utility work.

Kundel has designed a box for you. Working around existing utilities is not a problem for the Vpanel. Each aluminum panel moves independently. This allows you to work around existing utilities. This is a must have box for municipalities. Sold by Iron Lot

Kundel VPanel end wall kits are also adjustable to work around utilities. The VPanel end kits come in various sizes to match the desired width of your shoring system.

Vpanel end wall kits are available to turn your two sided box into a 3 or 4 sided trench box. V-Panel end wall kits are sold separately by Iron Lot.

Kundel VPanel P.E. Certified adjustable whaler heights.

The Vpanel is P.E. Certified to meet or exceed OSHA standards.

Utilize your new VPanel 8'x12' system to custom fit it to the work you do most often. Maximize it's potential by applying different sizes of whalers and spreader beams.

You can also turn you 8x12 Kundel Vpanel into a 8x6x6 manhole box by utilizing two 6' whalers. Sold separately by Iron Lot

Kundel's Vpanel is the trench box of the future for anyone dealing with existing utilities.

The Kundel Vpanel is the box of the future for anyone working around existing utilities. Order to day from Iron Lot

Kundel V-Panel Aluminum Shoring: Introducing the Most Versatile Box in the Industry Kundel's VPanel / Trench Box / VPanel Trench Box / VPanel Shoring

The Kundel Vpanel Aluminum Trench Box is the most versatile box in the industry. The Vpanel trench box is the answer to your shoring needs. Sold by Iron Lot

The Kundel V-Panel shoring system is designed so that each panel can be adjusted up or down independently. Making it easier to get around multiple laterals and obstructions.

The Vpanel trench box is both light weight and durable. Each aluminum panel can be removed and replaced if needed. The panels are reinforced with steel tamping pads and a steel knife edges. This allows you to drive the panels into the ground with the excavator bucket. To lift the panels over utilities, just loosen and lift the panels as needed. The V-Panel Shoring System; sold by Iron Lot

The Kundel V-Panel trench box comes with steel pounding pads, steel knife ends, and can be fitted with adjustable hydraulic cylinders.

The Kundel Vpanel Trench Box comes standard with steel pounding pads and knife edges. The box can be fitted with hydraulic cylinders.

Kundel V-Panel trench box brochure available at ironlot.com

Turn an 8'x12' Vpanel box into one or two 8'x6' Vpanel trench boxes by ordering separate 6' whalers. For a little extra money you can have the function of 3 trench boxes. Complete brochure available at www.ironlot.com

The Kundel VPanel can be trasported in a dump truck, box truck, or on a trailer to your job site.

The Vpanel is a completely modular trench box system and can be transported in a dump truck, box truck, or trailer.

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