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Ideally a bedding box should be a piece of equipment that saves you money on the job site. We meet that ideal with the Titan model.

Our stone boxes are sure to save you money.

First, the walk bar & drag bar are included for FREE on every box.

Second, with the Titan model, the exclusive fast fill design keeps the bedding material in the box. This exclusive design keeps your stone, gravel, or rock where it belongs. The angle of the front of the box allows for the bedding material to fall back into the box or excavator bucket, rather than being spilled and wasted on the ground.

The Titan stone box is built tough to withstand years of use on your jobsites. Maximize your job site efficiency and savings by ordering a trench box to go with your new stone box.

Bedding Box / Gravel Box / Stone Box / Stone Mizer / by Kundel

Bedding Box / Gravel Box / Stone Box / Stone Mizer / by Kundel

  • Fast Fill Design - The angled fill edge is designed for less spills when loading gravel. This design allows you to keep material in your excavator bucket instead of spilling on the ground.
  • Walk Bar & Drag Bar - Easy movement on the job site
  • Reinforced Sides and Ends - No bulge and long life
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Standard Bedding Box

Product: Stone Box
Manufacture: Kundel
Model: Titan
Price: Contact Us

Standard Duty Specifications

Heavy Duty Bedding Box

Product: Stone Box
Manufacture: Kundel
Model: Titan
Price: Contact Us

Heavy Duty Specifications

Choosing The Correct Bedding Box

The first place to start is to consider the excavator you will be using on the job site. Two important factors are the machine weight, and the bucket size.

The machine weight will determine the capacity to move the bedding box around. This will be important for both lifting and transporting an empty box, and for dragging the loaded box while you are working.

The 4.5 yard is ideal for use with excavators in the 25,000 lb and above class. It is recommended that an excavator of this size be used while moving a fully loaded box. However, empty the 4.5 yard is only about 2,200 lbs.

The next size up is our 6 yard bedding box, and depending on the model weighs about 2,500 to 3,000 lbs empty. However, this size requires a 35,000 to 45,000 lb machine and above to move it when it is loaded with rock.

A 9 yard bedding box is ideally used with a 40,000 lb to 75,000 lb machine. Of course a larger excavator will also be able to handle this box on the job site. However, the bucket size of a larger machine might make using a 12 yard more efficient.

The 12 yard requires a 75,000 to 120,000 lb excavator. The empty weight on these is going to be in the 7,000 lb range.


Considering Optimal Excavator Machine Weight

Using Standard or Full Size Excavators

If a load chart is not available, a general rule of thumb would be the machine will lift 20% to 25% of the weight of the machine.

A Cat 311 with a weight of 28,660 lbs should have a lifting capacity between 5,732 lbs and 7,165 lbs.

A Cat 318 with a weight of 42,340 lbs should have a lifting capacity between 8,468 lbs and 10,585 lbs.

A Cat 320 with a weight of 49,600 lbs should have a lifting capacity between 9,920 lbs and 12,400 lbs.

A Cat 308 with a weight of 69,950 lbs should have a lifting capacity between 13,990 lbs and 17,487 lbs.

A Cat 336F L with a weight of 80,900 lbs should have a lifting capacity between 16,180 lbs and 20,225 lbs.

The above example of lifting capacity is calculated using the 20-25% rule of thumb. However, it also demonstrates the wisdom of consulting the manufactures load chart especially for the larger excavators as the range can vary significantly. Most manufactures maintain a load chart on their websites.

An alternate way to find both machine operating weight and specifications is to use Ritchie Specs. This is a helpful tool if you are unfamiliar with the weight of the excavator being used on the job. This is often faster than looking up multiple machines on separate manufactures web sites.


Matching Dimensions with Excavator Bucket Width

This is a very important factor to consider. It won’t matter if the machine can move the box, if the bucket is to big to be used with it. Of course a smaller bucket could be used as needed.

However, if the standard bucket is larger than the inside dimension width of the bedding box you are considering, it might be an indicator a larger bedding box would be a better match.

Our Bedding Box Inside Dimension Widths by Model

Basic 4.5 yard = 50” inside dimension width

Titan 4.5 yard = 46 1/8” inside dimension width

Basic 6 yard = 58 5/8” inside dimension width

Titan 6 yard = 47 1/8” inside dimension width

Basic 7.5 yard = 73” inside dimension width

Titan 7.5 yard = 60 ½” inside dimension width

Basic 9 yard = 72 5/8” inside dimension width

Titan 9 yard = 60 ½” inside dimension width

Titan 12 yard = 74 9/16” inside dimension width