Kundel SnapTrac Crane
SnapTrac, Kundel, Shop Crane
Kundel SnapTrac Shop Crane, West Coast Customs


1/2 Ton Capacity = 1000 lbs.
Free Standing Post with no cross braces
Ceiling and Column Hangers available
Kits are P.E. Certified
Clean, low maintenance enclosed trac
Designed for easy installation and re-location
Short trolleys for maximum coverage area
Complete lift kits to meet your needs

Kundel SnapTrac Shop Crane at West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs Shop Owner on Kundel SnapTrac Shop Crane

"It takes three guys to usually do one project, now it only takes one"
"Definitely a plus for West Coast Customs" Ryan Friedlinghaus CEO West Coast Customs

Inside Jay Leno’s Garage and Kundel SnapTrac Shop Crane

"We like to feature all kinds of cool tools here at the shop, especially American made tools"
"If you are doing restoration work where you are lifting bodies, engines, or just about anything, this is the way to go."
"It is very cool"
"We should have done this two years ago" Jay Leno on SnapTrac Overhead Shop Crane.

Kundel SnapTrack Shop Crane

Note: prices subject to change

Overhead Shop Crane

"You need to have one of these"

Kundel SnapTrac Crane
Kundel SnapTrac Crane
Kundel SnapTrac Crane