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Iron Lot supplies the construction industry with quality equipment including trench boxesbedding boxes, road plates, and used construction equipment.

Available models of trench boxes include:

  1. V-Panel is the most versatile aluminum trench box available, offering a great solution to working around utilities
  2. ShoreLite Lite is a stackable trench box system which comes in 3′ tall aluminum panels
  3. ShoreLite is a stackable trench box system which comes in 2′ tall aluminum panels
  4. Trenchshore Hydraulic Shoring is compact and versatile, often the choice of plumbing companies
  5. TuffGuy aluminum trench boxes come with steel end post, offering protection to the edges of the aluminum panels
  6. Titan steel trench boxes are ideally suited for mid size to large capacity excavators for utility and mainline work
  7. Basic 3 steel trench boxes are ideal for use with backhoes and mini excavators
  8. Bedding Boxes include the Basic model and Titan models

Protect Your Workers With a New Trench Box

We feature the full line of the Kundel Trench Shoring Safety Equipment.

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Aluminum Trench Boxes and Hydraulic Trench Shoring

Our aluminum trench boxes are designed to keep you protected while working in the trenches. Several models are specifically designed to be small enough to be transported in the bed of a pickup truck if needed. The ShoreLite Lite comes in 3 foot tall stackable panels in lengths of 5, 6, and 7 feet.  Using this model, a 6′ tall system would only require four aluminum panels. Likewise the ShoreLite is also a modular design, consisting of 2′ tall stackable aluminum panels.  For more complex jobs with crossing utilities, we offer the V-Panel aluminum trench box. This system features one foot wide vertically adjustable panels, making it ideal for working around utilities.

V-Panel Aluminum Trench Box

V-Panel Aluminum Trench Box image showing vertically adjustable panels working around crossing utility pipes.

The V-Panel offers great flexibility for working around crossing utilities.

TuffGuy Aluminum Trench Box

TuffGuy Aluminum Trench Box image showing aluminum panels with steel end post and spreaders.

The TuffGuy uses the same 2' tall stackable aluminum panels as our ShoreLite model, and is also available up to 12' long. Strong steel end members protect the edges.

ShoreLite Lite Aluminum Trench Box

ShoreLite Lite Aluminum Trench Box image showing stackable three foot tall aluminum panels and spreaders.

ShoreLite Lite
The ShoreLite Lite is available in 3 feet tall, stackable panels while also coming in lengths of 3, 5, and 7 feet.

TrenchShore Hydraulic Shoring

TrenchShore Hydraulic Shoring image showing hydraulic trench shoring jack and pump with can.

Hydraulic Aluminum Trench Shoring
This is an easy to transport and easy to use trench shoring system. The jacks are available from 2 feet to 12 feet tall. Also, these are a great shoring option for plumbers and emergency trench rescue. Fin-From shoring is also available.

ShoreLite Aluminum Trench Box

ShoreLite Aluminum Trench Box image showing stackable two foot tall aluminum panels and spreaders.

The ShoreLite is available in 2 feet tall, stackable panels while also coming in lengths of 4 feet to 12 feet.

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Steel Trench Boxes and Bedding Boxes

Our steel trench boxes begin with our lightweight Basic 3 Series, designed to be used with a rubber tire backhoe or mini excavator. Our 6×6 steel Basic 3 only weighs 900 lbs, with spreaders and adjusters it comes in at about 1,100 lbs. The Titan Utility series is the next size up in steel trench boxes, and is designed with greater spreader clearance for doing utility work.  The Titan Utility trench box should be used with a mid-size excavator.  For mainline jobs, we offer the standard Titan series. These trench boxes start at 16 foot long, with 20 foot being a very popular length. The Titan series typically is used along with standard size excavators for larger jobs.

Titan Steel Trench Box

Titan Steel Trench Box image showing larger trench box for mainline utility work.

The Titan series of steel trench boxes are available in nearly any size. This series range from lightweight 3 inch wall utility boxes to 8 inch wall heavy duty trench boxes.

Basic 3 Steel Trench Box

Basic 3 Steel Trench Box image showing smaller and lightweight trench box for use with backhoes and mini excavators.

Basic 3
The Basic series is designed to be tough and lightweight, while offering an affordable and durable alternative to aluminum. These boxes are stackable for depths up to 24 feet in class C soil.

Bedding Box

Bedding Box image showing the Titan model with a sloped front and walk-bar and drag-bar included.

Bedding Box
Our tapered edge allows the operator the ability to see bedding material. The easy fill design ensures a quick and easy bucket fill while wasting less material as the gravel is being loaded. They are available in 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, and 15 cubic yards.

Used Construction Equipment For Sale

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2013 Volvo EC220DL

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Direct Capital Financing

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