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         A trench box or trench shield, is a key component to job site safety in the construction industry. Iron Lot supplies this industry with trench boxes such as aluminum trench boxes and steel trench boxes. In addition to these trench boxes, we also sell bedding boxes, road plates, pipe plugs and other industry related equipment. Brands that are currently offered for sale include Kundel, Lansas, and Hurco. We feature the full line of the Kundel Trench Shoring Safety Equipment. Our aluminum products include, Trenshore Hydraulic Shoring, and the ShoreLite Aluminum Trench Box Series. In addition to our aluminum trench shields, we offer steel trench shield products. These products include the Titan Trench Box Series, and the Titan Bedding Boxes.

         The Kundel company has had a rich history of producing innovative and quality trench boxes now for over 20 years. Kundel began when Robert Kundel Sr. was a contractor in North East Ohio. There, he noticed the need to have a better built box. As a result, he began manufacturing the trench boxes for his own use. As he began producing these trench shields, he soon found out that other contractors and municipalities appreciated the Kundel design features as much as he did.

         Today Kundel is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of both trench boxes and trench shoring equipment. Most importantly, each Kundel trench box is designed with safety and productivity in mind. All of our models are P.E. Certified and meet or exceed OSHA requirements. In addition to the basic trench shield prodcuts, Iron Lot has hundreds of possible trench shielding and trench shoring options to choose from. For over 10 years Iron Lot has been offering great products at great prices to customers around the globe. Give us a call today: 336-516-8011

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Trench Box: Aluminum

Aluminum Trench Box, V-Panel

Aluminum Trench Box: V-Panel Trench Shield
Offers great flexibility for working around crossing utilities.

Trench Box: Aluminum

Aluminum Trench Box, ShoreLite Lite

Aluminum Trench Box: ShoreLite Lite Trench Shield
The modular aluminum trench box is available in 3 feet tall, stackable panels while also coming in lengths of 3, 5, and 7 feet.

Trench Box: Aluminum

Aluminum Trench Box, ShoreLite Trench Shield

Aluminum Trench Box: ShoreLite Trench Shield
The modular aluminum trench box is available in 2 feet tall, stackable panels while also coming in lengths of 4 feet to 12 feet.

Hydraulic Trench Shoring

Trench Shoring, Hydraulic Trench Jacks

Aluminum Trench Shoring: Hydraulic Aluminum Trench Jacks
This is an easy to transport and easy to use trench shoring system. The jacks are available from 2 feet to 12 feet tall. Also, these are a great shoring option for plumbers and emergency trench rescue. Fin-From shoring is also available.

Trench Box: Aluminum

Aluminum Trench Box, TuffGuy Trench Shield

Aluminum Trench Box: Tuffguy Trench Shield
Same 2' tall stackable aluminum panels as our ShoreLite model, and also available up to 12' long. Strong steel end members protect the edge of the aluminum panels.

Trench Box: Steel

Trench Box, Titan Series Trench Shield

Trench Box: Titan Series Trench Shield
The Titan series of steel trench boxes are available in nearly any size. This series range from lightweight 3 inch wall utility boxes to 8 inch wall heavy duty trench boxes.

Trench Box: Steel

Trench Box, Basic Series Trench Shield

Trench Box: Basic Series Trench Shield
The Basic series is designed to be tough and lightweight, while offering an affordable and durable alternative to aluminum. These boxes are stackable for depths up to 24 feet in class C soil.

Bedding Box / Gravel Box Stone Mizer / Stone Boxes

Kundel Bedding Boxes / Gravel Boxes

Bedding Box: Stone Box, Stone Mizer, Gravel Box
Our tapered edge allows the operator the ability to see bedding material. The easy fill design ensures a quick and easy bucket fill while wasting less material as the gravel is being loaded. Bedding boxes are available in 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, and 15 cubic yards.

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